Loving Me!

I tell my daughter how smart and cute and wonderful she is all the time. I wonder sometimes if she’ll continue to think this as she grows older.

As someone who has always struggled with self-esteem and body image, I hope that she never faces some of those same issues. How can I help to ensure she is confident and knows both her beauty and potential?

Often in leadership training they said to lead by example. I’ve been racking my brain to try and find a way to exude better confidence and find a way to ignite my love for myself and my body(even in its post-baby form).

Last night, I decided to start by thinking up one positive thing about myself every day for 30 days. I’m going to write it down and put each positive compliment in a jar. I am sure most people might find this quite easy. But before I went to sleep, I tried to find my first compliment. I tried so hard, I fell asleep.

Loving and feeling comfortable about my body has always been tough. Add the baby weight and a few stretch marks and it feels impossible. I used to feel like my breasts were my only asset – now they’re for milk production (which doesn’t sound very sexy).

They say things get easier with practice. So I’m starting small and hoping the compliments will eventually flow from my mouth.

Today’s compliment: I have cute small toes.


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