Doer or a Talker

A friend of mine wrote a great quote on her facebook today that really resonated with me.

When you state what you want, you then either have to start making it happen or have to start making excuses for it not happening. What type of person are you? A doer or a talker???

Often I find it easier to make excuses for it not happening. Oddly enough, I think I do it due to my fear of failure. Succeeding at failing is somehow better than failing at succeeding. Writing that makes it sound so ridiculous. But apparently it’s not uncommon. Adam  writes in his blog,

When you fear failure, you struggle with the idea of being inadequate and not living up to the high standards you set for yourself. This naturally leads to hesitancy, which either breeds inaction (due to overwhelming emotions) or promotes perfectionism where you tend to spend more time on activities than is necessary.

They say knowing is half the battle, so how do fight the second half? I really want to be someone who says something and does it. Later in ‘s blog, he advises to set goals on paper. I decided tonight that for me, it will be be putting those goals to a calendar. Making a date for achieving the task or goal I want to accomplish.

Here are some dates you can hold me accountable to:
Saturday – Sewing Class
Sunday – Setting up the indoor bike

Wish me luck!


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