Hard for all?

Does everyone find it this hard to compliment themselves? I want to stick with my goal of complimenting myself everyday, but I’m finding it even harder than I thought it would be. I’m trying to find compliments that I honestly believe.

Still trying.

Even when I come up with one my negative voices comes through stronger with a vote against it. I know they say some people have distorted body images. An anorexic woman can look in the mirror and think she looks fat. Well, I’m not anorexic but I am tough on myself. So can I not find something because there isn’t a lot to compliment or because of a distorted image of myself?

So today’s compliment is a bit of a stretch but I am fond of them and they are a part of my body: my beautiful tattoos.


2 thoughts on “Hard for all?

  1. Great idea to compliment yourself every day. I have been starting my journal entries giving myself genuine credit for at least one thing, and it sets the tone for a really good entry.

    I compliment your ability to step out of your comfort zone and praise yourself. You deserve it. 🙂

  2. These compliments are all about the outside — such a small part of who we are. I bet you can think of tons if you go for who you really are.

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