On top of the World

Annika is having a nap in her own bed right now and I feel on top of the world. Funny how such a small accomplishment can make you feel like parent of the year. I have the itch to call everyone I know and announce it or update my FB status with pride. I recognize that this accomplishment today is probably a result of her being tired and sick more than any of my parenting skills, but I still feel amazing.

I’ll have to remember this sense of insane pride and ability when I am faced with my next blow to the ego as a mom. With every down there is an up. Unfortunately those down moments tend to have a louder voice or spot in my memory bank. Time to push them aside, or at least learn from them, and keep my good moments front and centre.

I envy those that seem to eternally live in the positive. My mom is one of those people. She exudes confidence and happiness. She acknowledges feelings, processes them, and moves on. For most of my life, I’ve let my feelings rule my life. An increase on the scale would make me a ultra cow for the day (or longer); a ruined dinner would make me feel like a complete failure in life. I feel I’ve grown in the sense that I at least recognize my reactions and I’m trying to alter them.

So today I’m super mom!


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