Compliment Catch Up

I’ve been down with an awful cold that hit me and my daughter. Really knocked me out. Feeling better enough to function today and able to tackle a few things on my daily list, including my compliment posts!
I may not have been posting but I was still thinking about my compliments.

My first one came while at work. One of the staff came to me with questions on how to teach her classes. I was surprised by how naturally it all came back to after being away from work for 6 months already. My compliment #10 was my creativity. I had tons of ideas for her and in my opinion they were all fabulous!

Compliment #11 came while attending my monthly Cookbook Book Club get together. I told a friend I was going and she was amazed at all the different things I was doing. I love that I push myself to do new things and meet new people (I only knew one person in the group before I started).

My next compliment came while being sick. My daughter and I had a bath together. I realized, while drying off, I hadn’t taken any time to think negatively about my body. I had simply enjoyed the time together. I was so proud of myself for both living in the moment and having a positive experience with my body and my daughter.

The next compliment came when my boss mentioned he had tons of projects he could hand over to me if I wanted the hours. Knowing that there are other people available to give the hours to, I was proud of myself to recognize that I am very good at my job!

My compliment for today came while attending a sewing lesson. I wanted to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can start making things for Annika and I. I took sewing classes in highschool but I’d completely forgotten how to use my machine. My compliment is my ability to learn new skills.

All caught up now and still going!


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