A non-compliment compliment

Today was a tough day. Still sick and didn’t get much sleep. Found myself with less patience for everything. Annika must have been having a tough day too. She seemed more fussy and cranky than usual (which was super timing for my day of less patience).

All day I found reasons not to give myself a compliment. My pants are still too tight post-baby. I didn’t go to the gym again. My skim seems to think I’m back in high school with all these breakouts. I still haven’t resumed my vegetarian diet like I planned after being pregnant. The list went on and on.

I don’t have days like this too often anymore. It was starting to get darker. I felt like there was merely a crack of light getting through and I was desperately trying to see just that. In the past, I might have simply let myself fall and wallowed in the misery letting it consume me.

Today I was able to hold on. So that is my compliment to myself today: seeing the light in the dark.


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