How to go Zero Waste Shopping

More and more I’m trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I try to recycle everything I can, but I know that recycling is only the second best option. The best option would be to find products and processes that produce zero waste (recycling creates energy waste as well as the waste produced when creating the product).

I am slowly trying to find new ways to alter my daily lifestyle to match my values. But its not easy. For one you get called a hippy and laughed at by your friends and family, and two making the switch feels unnatural at first and takes work. But I’ve made a few switches already and I haven’t found it hard to build them into my routine at all. My favourite recent switch has been making my own bread! I love the taste even more than store bought and I save on the travel to get there and buy it, the plastic it comes wrapped in, and the energy produced from the manufacturers to make it.

I’ve felt stumped to move into the next level towards zero waste. The common excuses come up ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘I don’t know how’, ‘it will cost too much to convert’. But a friend just passed on this blog called Zero Waste Home and the author has a great detailed list of how to shop for all the elements of your life with zero waste in mind. The tips seem so easy and I’m keen to get started on them.

I especially love her idea to make your own bags for the bulk section out of old sheets! I’ve been making my own snack bags to eliminate ziplock bags, so I’m hoping I should be able to master these too!

I love it when something motivates me to change!



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