Day 1 of No TV

Wow do I feel pathetic for realizing how hard it is to eliminate TV from my day. It has become part of my routine. I woke up this morning and automatically turned it on once I got downstairs. Once I got off auto-pilot and turned it off, I couldn’t figure out what to do! We had a couple hours before a play group and normally I would kill time watching TV.

How awful is that!? Kill time? How many times a day do I wish I had more time, yet I’m wasting it in front of the TV.

What’s worse, is that once we got home in the afternoon I turned it on again. I had a headache and was tired and wanted the ease and comfort of watching TV! Surely I can find more relaxing and rewarding things to do than sit in front of a box.

Once I got daughter A to sleep, I was so excited to have the evening to myself. But what to do when I can’t watch TV. Which is ridiculous because last night I couldn’t fall asleep due to the thoughts of all the things I had to do running through my head.

So silly. What an eye-opener.

On a side note, tonight was day one of sleep training. It took 45 minutes but she’s asleep in her own bed! Hooray.


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