Great Green Day

Feeling exceptionally green after a super day on Saturday.

I visited the Winter Farmer’s Market for my first time and fell in love with the vibe and energy. The sun was out and shining, which can make you feel fabulous on even the worst of days. The market was packed with people toting reusable grocery and veggie bags. The bike parking lot was busy; sadly living an hour away, I had to drive to the market. The market was also packed with food trucks and their amazing smells due to Food Truck Fest.

Seeing all the fresh and local food made me want to go on a buying frenzy! Not wanting to contribute to food waste, I held myself back. Next visit I’m going with recipes in mind so I know exactly what to buy. I was excited to take home some spinach from Rosedale, organic ground turkey from Yarrow, and some new reusable produce sacs to use when shopping in the future!

While shopping I got to visit and catch up with some great friends who inspire me tremendously to be more green and socially conscious. (check out my friend Andrew’s website) Linnet shared some recent tips with me and Andrew conveyed to me that my thyme plant is most likely not coming back from the dead. They also introduced me to what appears to be the holy land for green friendly people, the Soap Dispensary. I needed some essential oil to add to my green laundry soap that  I found, while cleaning my clothes, was leaving it with a funny smell. A few drops of the lemon oil is amazing. I also had to hold myself back at this store. I am excited to get to the end of a few of my current non-green soap/cleaning products so I can start making my own with the help of this store!

The day finished sharing stories over tea and warming up from the chilly wind. I went home feeling energized and freshly inspired. My sweet pumpkin A slept the entire farmer’s market, and sadly I didn’t take any photos. But you can just imagine how huge my smile was all day!


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