Change takes effort but feels good

It’s no secret that I want to change my lifestyle to be more green (among other things). I am excited at the prospect of being more green and making environmentally conscious choices. With that statement, you’d thing that making the switch would be effortless. It’s not.

I went grocery shopping tonight armed with my reusable bag, mesh produce bags, and bulk sacs. It started out well; I was aiming to reduce the amount of waste I was going to purchase. I found milk in a glass container and was pumped. But I was also craving something quick and easy for dinner. I stared at the perogies and frowned at their plastic wrapping. I looked at some of the different meats and felt turned off by its container. I finally settled on frozen organic vegetarian pizza. I know the cardboard is coated in a bit of plastic and I would have to recycle the cardboard, but it felt like the best choice. Then I wanted a treat – I wanted something (somewhat) healthy and low on packaging, now that is hard to find. I also needed cheese – which comes wrapped in plastic (I know others get cheese from places where they can put it in your reusable container, but that seems to come with a large price that I can’t really afford these days). The trip started making me feeling somewhat defeated.

I went up to the till with my items and looked at what some of the others had. There was only one other person in line with a reusable shopping bag but I was the only one with any bulk or produce bags. I felt proud of my small changes. I imagine some of the people I look up to didn’t make all their changes in one day. I feel good about everything I’ve done so far and can’t wait to incorporate more into my lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Change takes effort but feels good

  1. Yes, feel good about the changes you have made at the moment. One thing to remember is that both of your bodies need to have good nourishment, so if it isn’t possible to do it without the plastic covers at first, go ahead, buy it and do what is best for both of you. You can always suggest or ask if there is anyway to buy a certain product without the plastic. They might attempt to find a better way. Baby steps are always good.

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