Challenge of the Week

To keep myself inspired and on task, I’m starting weekly challenges for myself. My previous challenge of doing daily compliments fell a little short. I didn’t make it to the 30 days I proposed for a few reasons: I got sick and couldn’t think of anything nevermind a compliment, but I also found the process start to get a little fake. I am not totally comfortable with my body yet, so I couldn’t find the compliments about it. I think instead of forcing compliments I am going to do the work so that I can comfortably compliment myself.

So this week’s challenge is to workout everyday. Today I walked at the zoo. Not an overly hard workout but I was out and moving while carrying A in her carrier.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Challenge of the Week

  1. Love your blog Steph and your amazing honesty and wisdom in self reflection. It inspires me! You go Girl!!!!!

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