Voice Your Goals

I did not want to exercise today. I needed a nap by 9am. It wasn’t sunny anymore. I had too much to do. But I’d made the challenge to exercise everyday this week.

I seriously considered not exercising today. Then I started to run through how I would explain that on my blog. Would I lie? Would I make an excuse? It came down to not wanting to have to do either. If I hadn’t vocalized my challenge, I would not have gone out.

I used to try and keep my exercising goals private. Especially from my Dad, who has the ability and will power to exercise every day. If you asked why, I would have told you it was because I didn’t want people harassing me on whether I’d done it or not. Or if they suggested I exercise that day to keep my goal, it would feel like it was that person that made me do it and not my own choice. But I realized today that I avoided telling people my goals so I didn’t have to be held accountable. It’s easy to make excuses with yourself, but they sound as fake as they actually are when you voice them to someone else.

So I dressed up A, loaded her in the stroller, and hauled it down my stairs outside. I went out for an hour long run/walk (and by that I mean mostly walk with a few minutes of running here and there). And I really did feel so much better once I was done. On to tomorrow.


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