The truth about being truthful

I find the statement, ‘just be yourself’, an odd one. Is anyone really totally honest and completely themselves with others? Or am I the only one that keeps an awful lot to myself?

I’ve avoided posting for a while because I was starting to feel like some of my posts were contrived or fake. (Oh and I got a taste of what it will be like when I go back to work and been insanely busy.)

Honesty is hard. I assume so much judgement will accompany honesty. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’m just overly self-conscious. But I have tough days, tough emotions, dumb self-questioning thoughts, and negativity along with my other days of positivity, joy, energy, and fun. Other people must experience this too right? Why then do I feel the need to hold up this facade that I’m totally okay all the time?

I’ve recently seen people’s reactions to a friend’s honesty. Everyone was shocked at the level of truth and a lot felt it shouldn’t have been revealed. But to be able to shake off the mask and just be honest; to lose the wonder of what others would think and to just be you. That must feel great.

So maybe I’m only half there. I have a lot of areas to work on to be happy and healthy. And I can honestly admit that. I think I’m still going to stick with only sharing the struggles to those who are closest to me rather than the entire internet. What I do enjoy sharing is what I’m doing to continue my journey on the path to being happy and healthy.

This week is a take charge week. I’m dropping the excuses and facing the plan to get back in shape head on.
Wish me luck.


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