My new baby girl was born in July of 2012 giving me a year off from work.  I decided to use the year to do some things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time.  Of course I decided this before my little girl was born.  I thought I’d have tons of time, I realize now that’s not the case.  But I’m still using as much time as possible to pursue some of my dreams or hobbies and discover more about myself.

Being Green
One of my interests has always been becoming more green.  It seemed like the perfect time to change my lifestyle and start some great habits for my daughter.  It’s been tougher than I thought, but I’m learning a lot!

Being Active
Time to shed that baby weight.  I had dreams of being thinner than I was pre-baby almost immediately.  (those dreams have not become reality)  So I’m learning how to be active with baby and definitely wanting these habits to become part of mine and my daughter’s lifestyle. I hope I have for my daughter is that she doesn’t have the weight issues I’ve always struggled with.

Personal Growth
I made some lists of things I wanted to accomplish while I was off.  A lot of them focused on writing.  My dream has always been to write a book.  And I wanted to start with writing some articles for magazines.  When do you have more to write about than when you have a new baby!  So along with pursuing hobbies, volunteering, and getting organized, writing is enabling me to get back to me!

Being a Mum
I never thought I’d be a mum, but here I am and loving it!  I found myself rushing to purchase a million things to create this perfect childhood for my daughter.  I wanted this idealistic environment where she had and did everything.  I’m learning that is silly, unattainable, and not necessarily the best way to go!

So much to learn, and so much to share!


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