A non-compliment compliment

Today was a tough day. Still sick and didn’t get much sleep. Found myself with less patience for everything. Annika must have been having a tough day too. She seemed more fussy and cranky than usual (which was super timing for my day of less patience).

All day I found reasons not to give myself a compliment. My pants are still too tight post-baby. I didn’t go to the gym again. My skim seems to think I’m back in high school with all these breakouts. I still haven’t resumed my vegetarian diet like I planned after being pregnant. The list went on and on.

I don’t have days like this too often anymore. It was starting to get darker. I felt like there was merely a crack of light getting through and I was desperately trying to see just that. In the past, I might have simply let myself fall and wallowed in the misery letting it consume me.

Today I was able to hold on. So that is my compliment to myself today: seeing the light in the dark.


Compliment Catch Up

I’ve been down with an awful cold that hit me and my daughter. Really knocked me out. Feeling better enough to function today and able to tackle a few things on my daily list, including my compliment posts!
I may not have been posting but I was still thinking about my compliments.

My first one came while at work. One of the staff came to me with questions on how to teach her classes. I was surprised by how naturally it all came back to after being away from work for 6 months already. My compliment #10 was my creativity. I had tons of ideas for her and in my opinion they were all fabulous!

Compliment #11 came while attending my monthly Cookbook Book Club get together. I told a friend I was going and she was amazed at all the different things I was doing. I love that I push myself to do new things and meet new people (I only knew one person in the group before I started).

My next compliment came while being sick. My daughter and I had a bath together. I realized, while drying off, I hadn’t taken any time to think negatively about my body. I had simply enjoyed the time together. I was so proud of myself for both living in the moment and having a positive experience with my body and my daughter.

The next compliment came when my boss mentioned he had tons of projects he could hand over to me if I wanted the hours. Knowing that there are other people available to give the hours to, I was proud of myself to recognize that I am very good at my job!

My compliment for today came while attending a sewing lesson. I wanted to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can start making things for Annika and I. I took sewing classes in highschool but I’d completely forgotten how to use my machine. My compliment is my ability to learn new skills.

All caught up now and still going!

Next Compliment

Searching for something to say and still that voice breaks in with a reason why I can’t compliment myself. So rather than trying to convince myself that I really do like something about myself that my inside voice votes against. I’ll share the part that I do like (and I’ll even keep the part that I don’t like to myself – don’t want to give that negative voice any more power).

I like how soft and smooth my hair is.

Hard for all?

Does everyone find it this hard to compliment themselves? I want to stick with my goal of complimenting myself everyday, but I’m finding it even harder than I thought it would be. I’m trying to find compliments that I honestly believe.

Still trying.

Even when I come up with one my negative voices comes through stronger with a vote against it. I know they say some people have distorted body images. An anorexic woman can look in the mirror and think she looks fat. Well, I’m not anorexic but I am tough on myself. So can I not find something because there isn’t a lot to compliment or because of a distorted image of myself?

So today’s compliment is a bit of a stretch but I am fond of them and they are a part of my body: my beautiful tattoos.