Hiking the Chief

I recently hiked the Chief with my daughter strapped to my back. It was a tough one, but very rewarding.

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I deserve so much more

For me a sentence that starts with ‘I deserve…’, gets me in trouble.

Today I wasted the day with the thought that I deserved to relax after a busy weekend. You would think doing something that you think you deserve would make you feel good. So why did I progressively feel worse about myself? I finally made a last minute push and sent myself to the gym at 6pm. I came home feeling great! I thought I deserved to relax, but rather than watching dumb tv (which made me feel even worse because I had originally vowed to watch little to no tv) I could have gone for a walk or a workout or even read a book. Instead my relaxation choice made me feel bad and in the end added to my level of stress.

I often find that I feel I deserve to be thin. So out of spite I will eat poorly or not workout. How ridiculous of a thought is that?! Does someone who chooses not to workout or eats like crap deserve to be thin? Um, no! But then my inner voice kicks in and says that there are people out there who do that and they are thin, so I should be able to also!

In the end, I think I deserve to be proud of myself. To do that, I need to do the things that will make me proud. I just have to work at remembering which things I’ll be proud of.

Back to Reality

I was dreading the activity I had planned for myself today. I’d arranged to go snowshoeing with a girlfriend and her son who is two weeks younger than A. For some reason, I get major anxiety before snowshoeing. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe because I’m afraid it will be too hard or because I always do it with someone else and I’m nervous I won’t be able to keep up. Either way, once I start I’m always fine.
Today, however, was a bit of a wake up call. I am out of shape. I’ve never been a skinny girl, but I’ve always considered myself fit. I realized today that I am far from fit and most likely almost always have been. I’ve created some alternative reality where it was ok to carry some extra pounds because I was fit. But a fit person could have made it up those hills without huffing and puffing and getting red in the face.
Time to wake up to the truth and do something about it! This week’s workout challenge will be a good start and a way to push me into some better habits.

Voice Your Goals

I did not want to exercise today. I needed a nap by 9am. It wasn’t sunny anymore. I had too much to do. But I’d made the challenge to exercise everyday this week.

I seriously considered not exercising today. Then I started to run through how I would explain that on my blog. Would I lie? Would I make an excuse? It came down to not wanting to have to do either. If I hadn’t vocalized my challenge, I would not have gone out.

I used to try and keep my exercising goals private. Especially from my Dad, who has the ability and will power to exercise every day. If you asked why, I would have told you it was because I didn’t want people harassing me on whether I’d done it or not. Or if they suggested I exercise that day to keep my goal, it would feel like it was that person that made me do it and not my own choice. But I realized today that I avoided telling people my goals so I didn’t have to be held accountable. It’s easy to make excuses with yourself, but they sound as fake as they actually are when you voice them to someone else.

So I dressed up A, loaded her in the stroller, and hauled it down my stairs outside. I went out for an hour long run/walk (and by that I mean mostly walk with a few minutes of running here and there). And I really did feel so much better once I was done. On to tomorrow.

Challenge of the Week

To keep myself inspired and on task, I’m starting weekly challenges for myself. My previous challenge of doing daily compliments fell a little short. I didn’t make it to the 30 days I proposed for a few reasons: I got sick and couldn’t think of anything nevermind a compliment, but I also found the process start to get a little fake. I am not totally comfortable with my body yet, so I couldn’t find the compliments about it. I think instead of forcing compliments I am going to do the work so that I can comfortably compliment myself.

So this week’s challenge is to workout everyday. Today I walked at the zoo. Not an overly hard workout but I was out and moving while carrying A in her carrier.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead!